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Zebra DS2208 2D Barcode Scanner, DS2208-SR7U2100SGW


The Zebra DS2208 is an affordable and user-friendly 1D/2D-imager. Thanks to omnidirectional scanning, the scanner does not need to be aligned perfectly and it can even capture barcodes with poor quality in an instant and without errors. In addition, the “Direct Code Indicator” supports the user when decoding: when pointed at a barcode, the light starts to blink as soon as the barcode has been captured. Thanks to this feature, the DS2208 can reliable be used even in very loud surroundings! The intuitive usage and the automatic change between handheld and hands-free mode make the Zebra DS2200-scanner series a perfect companion in many different areas.

  • Pre-configured and ready to use, right out of the box — default settings are optimized for the majority of scanning applications
  • Only from Zebra, PRZM’s software decode algorithms for the DS2200 Series deliver superior performance on poor-quality barcodes.
  • Point-and-shoot scanning simplicity with Omni-directional scanning
  • On-the-fly switching between handheld and hands-free scanning
  • Complimentary tools for easy deployment and management across an enterprise
  • DataCapture DNA enabled

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Zebra DS2208 2D Barcode Scanner, DS2208-SR7U2100SGW

Auto-host Detect Cables

Just plug the DS2200 Series into your Point of Sale (POS) and the auto-host detect cables will automatically identify the interface and connect the imager, simplifying and reducing setup time.

Easy Integration with a Tablet-based POS

The DS2200 Series offers all the features you need to add high-quality scanning to your tablet-based POS. The Micro USB cable provides a low-cost charging alternative to a cradle. And with our simplified app development tools, you can easily configure and update the DS2200 Series right from the tablet

Deploy Anywhere in the World

With support for 97 international keyboards, the DS2200 Series is easy to deploy all around the world.

Easily Customize Settings with 123Scan

This complementary software tool is so intuitive that even a first time user can easily set up a DS2200 Series imager. The wizard-driven interface makes it easy to embed all settings into a single programming barcode, enabling you to configure your devices with a single scan.

Backwards Compatible with Zebra LS2208 Series Cables

If you use Zebra’s 1D LS2208 scanners today, you can use the same universal cables with the DS2200 Series, allowing you to leverage your existing accessory investment to minimize the cost of upgrading to a 1D/2D imager.


Instant Decoding with PRZM Intelligent Imaging

Only from Zebra, PRZM’s software decode algorithms for the DS2200 Series deliver superior performance on poor quality barcodes. The result is first-time, every-time scanning to help your workers improve productivity at the checkout counter.

Unsurpassed Scanning Range

Workers can scan barcodes across a wide range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm), improving checkout speed and reducing training time.

Point-and-shoot Scanning Simplicity

With omni-directional scanning, users never need to line up the imager and the barcode – unlike 1D scanners.

Patent Pending Technology for the Most Intuitive Aiming

The aim line is similar to the 1D scanners you have today, providing your associates with a familiar experience. Additionally, the aim line guides users to scan at the ideal distance from the barcode – especially helpful when capturing wide barcodes.


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Zebra DS2208 2D Barcode Scanner, DS2208-SR7U2100SGW