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Energizer Max AAA Alkaline Batteries 1.5V Pack of 12


Energizer Max AAA Alkaline Batteries 1.5V Pack of 12

  • 12-pack of Energizer Max AAA batteries, Alkaline
  • Energizer’s #1 longest-lasting MAX AAA batteries – up to 50% longer lasting than EVEREADY GOLD in home medical devices
  • Long Lasting: Reliable power to keep your devices going
  • Trusted Power: Energizer alkaline batteries for your most in-demand essentials, like clocks, torches, wireless mice and controllers
  • Leak Protection: Leak-resistant construction protects your devices against leaks

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Energizer Max AAA Alkaline Batteries 1.5V Pack of 12

Get the most from your essential devices with the reliable, long-lasting power you’d expect from Energizer batteries. Stock up on AAA batteries for cameras, as well as AAA alkaline batteries for lights, remote controls and clocks. This pack is also a great choice if you need LED light batteries. Energizer Max AAA batteries hold power for up to 10 years in storage, and their leak-resistant construction protects your devices against leaks. With Energizer, the power’s ready when you are. The Energizer Max range also includes AA alkaline batteries, C, D and 9V batteries, so it’s easy to find reliable power in the size you need. For rechargeable batteries, search for Energizer Recharge – ideal for high-tech devices. Since creating the world’s original consumer battery in 1896, Energizer has led the charge in industry innovation with a proud history of firsts, including patenting the first ever alkaline consumer battery in 1959. The brand brings this forward thinking to environmental initiatives too, developing the first ever rechargeable battery system in 1958 and introducing the first zero-added mercury battery in 1989. Energizer Recharge batteries were also the first rechargeable to contain recycled batteries. The company partners with organizations that encourage, inform and empower consumers to recycle non-rechargeable batteries, as well as battery packaging. Depend on the power of Energizer AAA batteries.



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Energizer Max AAA Alkaline Batteries 1.5V Pack of 12